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Hi Lotsofaijou,

Re (from OP):
"Polyamory calls to me, but my family and friends keep telling me that open relationships and polyamory aren't for me because at the end of the day, you only love one more than another."
How do they know that? Have they practiced polyamory and experienced it?

"My crush and I are making a beautiful relationship, but I want my romantic relationship with my best friend too!"
Any chance you can contact your best friend and start to renew that friendship?

"How do I start introducing the idea of bringing a former boyfriend into my new relationship without sounding like this current relationship has problems?"
Whom do you need to convince that the current relationship doesn't have problems? I presume you're already convinced, and most of the members on this forum can be easily convinced. You don't need to convince your family and friends, do you?

Your current boyfriend will have to make his own decision about whether he's willing to consent to a poly arrangement. It's really up to him. All you can do is tell him you want to live a polyamorous life, ask him to consider it, and make your own decision about whether it's a deal breaker for you if he says "No." It's possible he could say "No" right now, then change his mind later. But there's no way to know how much later. You'd have to decide how long you want to wait.

I hope this answers some of your questions.
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