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I am not wired for casual sex, but I am aware there are many people who are, and if they are honest with their partners, and their partners are not expecting that they will not be with anyone else (or are even similarly oriented towards casual encounters) it is their business. However, I don't really think of such encounters as polyamory - they are more about casual sex. To me polyamory involves some kind of intent to be open to the possibility of having more than one serious partner, whether all get equal attention or whether there is some kind of agreed priority among the partners. I just plain am into longterm relationships whether companionate with friends (and not sexual) or whether at the other passionate extreme (and most healthy relationships to my mind would be there for the long term with both components going on, in a varying mix over time).
However, are we dissing people who at this stage of their emotional development are into casual sex by calling polyfuckery? or is it strictly people who can't come clean about their casualness about sex that end up getting put in the polyfuckery category?
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