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Originally Posted by Rarechild View Post
My employer paid for our whole crew to be tested with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator about two years ago- I am an ENFJ- it was fascinating!

As to the alone time/social time question, I find myself working in cycles throughout the week. I need a few days in the week to write/do artwork/read, just be generally undisturbed, but then cluster lots of social activity into the other days of the week. I feel just as comfortable doing both, I just have to allow for both. I am quite the butterfly when I'm out, or in class, but when I'm spending time alone- as my husband has come to respect- I really need to be alone.

One of the things that is most precious to me about being alone is that I don't have to get dressed, do my hair and face, etc., don't have to have outside stimulus or talk to anyone. I just sort of bask in myself, and I love it.
Hi Rarechild,

My daughter is an ENFJ, and without a doubt my best friend. We tend to shift in the percentages of each letter designation as we move through life, but I have remained an INFJ. The first opportunity I had to take the Myers-Briggs I was a young counselor and so high on the introvert scale that I actually had to think long and hard about taking the test. I'm very protective about the NFJ part of me. I'm not nearly as high on the Introvert scale now, and believe it or not own and manage a business of thirty five employees. And true to my nature I respect each person for the individual that they are. Without effort I know when something is going on with the folks that work for me, and they trust me to talk about it. I guess my point is that we are not limited by who we are as long as we recognize and embrace our strengths. I fought myself for years thinking I was weak because I feel the pain that is in this world. I embrace that part of myself now and in truth am loved for it. Have you ever looked at the "famous" people that are ENFJ's? You run in some pretty impressive company.

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