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Originally Posted by XYZ123 View Post
The emotion has never been an issue for me. I always seem to have a problem with the sexual aspect. I'm happy to share people, including my love(s), emotionally with anyone they feel strongly for. But the sex makes things difficult for me. I'd hate to have anything like an open marriage or a fuck buddy without the love there. Am I alone on this one?

Absolutely not alone! That's me in a nutshell. Have all the deep friendships you want IMO. Sex is the breaker for me too. In my case it's not about sex with her husband or other male lover, it's about bringing in another male.

Although people and attitudes may change over time, the person I am today is not prepared to share her with more men and sustain the depth of relationship we have right now. I would not even pretend to flat out say "you can't" because that is not reality. But every choice we both make impacts us so it's a matter of action and reaction and changing dynamics. Same-sex, sex is not an issue because I simply can't provide that. I understand it.

As far as being in an open relationship or one that involves fuck buddies? Black and white, not going to happen.

Now I will sit back and take the usual "mono straight men insecurity, need for possession" flack that I always do LOL!! So be it, I am who I am and I am proud of it. I'm done debating the issue.

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