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At first I wanted to know everything. Mostly because Cricket was such an unknown to me, it seemed the only way I had to get to know her, was to know what he like about her, loved about her, etc.

I noticed I had a hard time hearing how alike we were. So I've come to cherish how we are different. We are very alike in a lot of ways, but I can't see my husband dating a carbon copy, so I want to know the differences.

As far as other things. I'm a curious and inquisitive soul. I want to know everything about everything and sometimes lose the privacy barriers, b/c personaly there isn't much I'm worried about being private. It's hard for me to remember not everyone is so open.

Karma and I share everything together, so when there is something he won't share, it raises questions. But I have worked hard to acknowledge that Cricket may not care to have it all shared with me.

It's hard b/c that's a part of his life he can't share, so I feel like I am missing out on sharing something with him.

So to answer the direct question I do like knowing what Karma likes about Cricket, especialy when it is something unique to her.
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