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Wow, thanks for all the awesome discussion going on here. I love how threads take a life of their own from one small thought. I was thinking extremes when I thought of this idea. There are some extreme stories on this forum that made me wonder about the cult analogy. I just thought I would add that. Heirarchy is not unworkable I don't think. It just can get abusive sometimes.

For some reason I attract men who have been in cults or are highly religious. My best friend in highschool became a religious extremeist, my other close friend from that time also did. I have dated several men who were in cults. I was in a cult for awhile also. Now I am considering a relationship with someone who was in a cult for 35 years... All my thoughts around this lead me to think hmmmm some cross over to some so called "poly" situations I have heard of.
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