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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Yes, HSV 2 is known as "genital herpes," but you can have HSV 2 on your mouth and HSV 1 on your genitals. Both types of HSV live in the spine and take the closest route to the skin when they break out, but it could be either one in either place. There is a member who here who has HSV 1 on her genitals which she got from a man who went down on her and did not tell her he had herpes, which was on his mouth but not visible at the time. He had recurring cold sores and thought nothing of it. Yes, as you say, many people who get cold sores don't think of it as herpes. That doesn't make their misperceptions true. If you get cold sores, you have herpes and should tell your sex partners.
This. You can have either virus, in either location.

Furthermore, I have HSV2 and NEVER get breakouts on my girl-parts. If I don't take my acyclovir, I get a breakout once a month, just before my period at the base of my spine.
Warning sign-that part of my body starts to itch.

I have chosen to make the information about my having it known in all of my social circles for many years. It started because I was fairly popular and well-liked. I heard people making derogatory comments about people who weren't well-liked regarding them probably having STD's.
Anyway, I started being outspoken and upfront about having herpes so that people around me would start realizing that you don't have to be a jerk to have an STD.
At this point, it's just natural and comfortable for me to tell new people that I have a husband and a boyfriend and herpes.

But-it takes some time to reach that comfort level. In the early years my rule was to share before any chance of sex.

Also-I wanted to add, there are still time, when I do get a breakout (there are times I can't take the meds for other health reasons) and I will get moody and emotional about him cheating on me (I do know who, where and how I got it). So don't be too hard on yourself for feeling anger about it and grieving the loss of you "pre-herpes" you. It's normal to feel those things.
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