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Originally Posted by mercury View Post
Honestly, very few people seem happy with their poly situations. I think most people on this board would love it if they were poly but their partner was only with them.
Well, please count me
as another who is quite happy with their poly situation. I would actually love it if my partners had more than me, but one doesn't want to, and the other hasn't been able to find anyone that clicks with her yet.

I know several other friends who are also quite content with their poly situations.

I mean, could things be better? Usually, yes, but that's the same for everyone, mono and poly alike. That doesn't mean that I am not content.

Originally Posted by mercury View Post
I'm not saying I wouldn't feel or be the same way if I were poly. Just saying....this is what poly is, and it's freaking sad.
This may be what you have experienced, but it's not the reality for a lot of folks.

People tend to come to forums when they have problems, looking for advice, help, or just a shoulder to try on. There are a large number of poly folk out there who never post on a forum - they are out there just getting on with it.

I think that drawing any conclusions based on forum posts is inaccurate at best.

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