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Thanks Southern Gal.

I am going to try and deal with this rather than simply disappear. "Nice to meet, you bye."

I am trying to work on the whole communication issue so here are 2 opportunities.

Prof is coming round tonight. I already said sex is off the menu.

Not sure whether to come out right with it, or ask a few probing questions. It could be that he is dating again as per agreement with S.
They have a difference between engagements and dating. He could have approached Me.2 looking to meet and chat about open relationship or poly, not necessarily as a dating partner.

I cancelled Kip for tomorrow, it was a hurried IM exchange, I still don't know how to approach this.

Is it really my business what they do when not with me? Do they owe me an explanation?

It is the lying that stings. They both know I am ok with all of us having other partners.

Admission...I replied to both of their OKC messages. Asking what they are looking for. Maybe they will be more honest with a perceived stranger.
Me: mid 40s female.
Prof: late 50s. 5+ years.
Mr Dom: early 50s . Ex BF and now good friend.
Mr Six: early 50s. FWB for 3+ years.
Mr Lime: Early 50s. Recent meet. Kinky Dom.
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