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So this morning, I decided to try something new.

Sundance and I are leaving tonight for a short trip together for 3 days. We are really looking forward to our time together. But he was worried when he left this morning, if I was going to see Butch, and I was worried, is he going to see Barbie?

I offered to him, that I would not initiate a meeting with Butch. (If Butch initiates, I will probably go. But, as usual, I will text Sundance if I do).

I then told Sundance, "I WANT you to meet with Barbie. In fact, I insist! It will get me excited, and just knowing you are going makes me feel like we are doing it together!" I did feel very aroused physically and I felt giddy about it, woo hoo, yeah baby!

He agreed to stop at her house! I was thrilled! I asked him to call or text me afterwards. It's been an hour and a half now, so I should be hearing from him soon. I am happy.

And I haven't heard from Butch, which is frankly, a relief! Sundance gets to have all the fun today. I get: a husband who has been worshipped and adored for awhile, who DOESN'T have to lie to me today!!! And who will come home looking forward to our special one-on-one time together.

Feels GOOD.
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