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Originally Posted by lovefromgirl View Post
I should point out that the "our house, our rules/aw, crap, it's an adult now" dilemma has been ongoing in our family. I'm 26, and have lived out previously (for a semester, but hey) and attempted to find work, only to be sacked due to illness. If not for said illness, I think I'd have got through the weirdness of living out and been happily ensconced in a flat near CdM.
Yes, your an adult, living rent free or with a greatly cheaper rent than you could get elsewhere (or why else would you be living with mom). When your the one paying the house payment and supporting others, you will understand the "my house, my rules". I see all too often, adult children living rent free with mom and dad, and expect to be treated like a rent paying boarder, but with all the perks of living at home (free food, free rent, mom clean up, mom cooking, etc). It's hard to go back to living with your parents when you've gotten used to living on your own. When my brother moved back home when he lost his job (recently after his divorce), he too struggled with my parents desire to know his schedule. He was used to coming and going as he pleased. However, they had a right to know if he was having friends over to THEIR house or if they needed to call the cops because someone was opening the front door at 2am.

Maybe a different approach with your mom would work? "Mom, I know you don't want to climb the stairs, but if I don't respond when you first call up, it's almost guaranteed, I can't hear you. No amount of yelling will change that. Please don't make yourself hoarse by screaming, but come and knock on my door to get my attention." This is a habit and habits are hard to break. Keep reminding her, but don't let your irritation show. She's not doing this to purposely irritate you.

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