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Beserker- You've been thrashed quite enough by our friends here. The point is, you probably aren't looking for a way to get more mature just now- you're wounded and pissed, more likely to get schnockered than transcend your human deficiencies.

We've all gone through this. The bright side is that you have more information no about the type of person that's good for you because you have knowledge of who's not.

Try to stop looking at her myspace and a in little while, when youve spent your bile, try to turn your energy inward in some good way- do something for yourself that makes you feel loved.

When I've got my soul stolen, I get by by thinking about all the other people that are out there in the world that don't suck, that I can get to know if I heal up and get out there. And I buy something nice for myself that that person is not connected to.

Also sometimes a good ritual photo-burning (safety first!) can be cleansing.

Good Luck. Keep Posting.
"Rocks will open and make a way for the lover."
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