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RP - Ceoli or not, if you and either or both or however many there are by then come to Vegas, you'd BETTER hit us up or there will be consequences! I don't know what yet, but they would be very creatively evil, I promise you that, lol. We're all dying to meet other people from these boards, other poly-minded folk nearby, just to be able to hang with people and talk and not have "those looks" and "those comments". As fun as they can be, they also get old, lol. So far we've made contact with 3 people from these boards through PM, and nothing yet, and one is a triad that's local! Grrr.

That said - still to RP - I'm going to call you out just a little. Kinda BS to flat state that you have plenty to offer and state that you'll share if he wants and then hold out. Just saying.
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