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Just caught up really briefly with Sago (changing names on this blog soon, need a fresh start). He's been through a lot since I've been away. He was saying we have a lot to catch up on in person but yeah... wasn't prepared for the extent of the news.

Firstly, he had a very bad patch of depression while I was away, and he's on meds now and feeling really happy for the first time in ages. Possibly years. Not sure, perception gets skewed, but for quite some time he's been muted overall in terms of his mood. Previous meds have had side-effects he hated (which is why he stopped them) so I'm really happy he's found something that suits him.

Second... he's started seeing one of his colleagues! She's married and her husband is all fine with it. I'm friends with both of them too, and they are very lovely people though I don't share all their views. She is quite gorgeous, yeah. Beautiful. Ah. My first reaction was - utter happiness. For him, for her, for everyone. Second reaction was the news trickling through the dark maze of my own insecurities. A bit of body image stuff, but nothing too bad. This is going to be interesting.

Apparently Sago has told Carob but no one else knows apart from Sago's best friend, and Ayla (who walked in on them yesterday). Seems they don't want to be out at the moment, esp as there's a work dynamic.

I'm kind of deliriously happy, and a teeny bit apprehensive.

I love him so much.

The two of us are catching up with Carob after work today for dinner/beers.

Unfortunately we don't have the full ability to laze about and freely catch up on things, as Sago and I aren't home alone at the moment. A friend came into town last night and is staying with us (Ayla's ex, actually. Ah. Fun times) But Sago's taken the day off work and it seems we may have the house to ourselves in the next hour or so. Yay
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