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Default First thought in series on Polynerdists ideal relationship list

positive energy is given without expectation of reciprocation. People give love, time, attention, help, support, and share resources
Why it matters TO ME-

FIRST-If both (can be any/all) people in ANY type of relationship put their positive energy, time, attention, help, support and love into the relationship it allows the relationship to become MORE then the sum total of each individual.
So instead of their being two individuals OR there being one relationship, there is Two Individuals AND One relationship. The THREE each being "autonomous entities" which can more productively improve the quality of life not only for the individuals themselves, but for all those that come in contact with them.

The positive energy that each of the individuals puts into the relationship(s) is multiplied and comes back OUT into the world as MORE positive energy then the amount that the two individuals could have put into the world individually (i.e. If each could put out 2 parts of positive energy, the total would be 4, but if they put the 2 into the relationship it comes out as 6 or 8 for the world). So not only do the individuals benefit-but the world as a whole benefits more from this.

SECOND-One should go into anything that they do expecting to give their all to ANY endeavor they try. EVERYONE should.
IF everyone does-then EVERYONE benefits.

Why I bring this up-is as I said elsewhere, if ONE PERSON fails to do this-the whole system breaks down. It's IMPERATIVE for EVERYONE to get "on board" with this in order for the system (Any given relationship or since they impact the world, life on earth as well) to properly function.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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