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I'm 22. I've fallen for girls before and let the emotions control my logic but I started to have feelings for her a couple of months before I told her about them. I waited until I got to know her better and when I finally decided my feelings were valid I told her. She isn't the first girl that has made me feel good just the first one that I can really communicate with. When I graduated high school I went straight into the Airforce and I lost my virginity to a Japanese girl and i've only dealt with Japanese girls for over 3 years. So i'm not inexperienced in general i've definitely learned some hard lessons and I don't expect us to live happily ever after or anything.

I guess I just want to be the most important person in somebody's life for once and that can happen even with other sexual partners and relationships. Its also worth noting that i'm pretty sure that she only wants to have other sexual partners but not relationships. She discussed the subject with her friend in front me actually but I do need to ask her about that so things are clear.

Ya I expect there to be a lot of heartache but if anything it will be a learning experience which will help prevent heartache in the future. The funny thing is that I feel deep down that i'm a person who wants the rollercoaster even though it hurts like hell sometimes. Just the circumstances in my life (military and lonely childhood) haven't given me much opportunity to enjoy the positive aspects of the rollercoaster.

Thanks for the advice, I definitely agree with you that you just have to say F it which is hard when you have nothing to fall back on. I just recently got out of the military so i'm still in the process of building friendships back home which is probably another reason its been rough.
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