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1st) I say this as someone who has genital herpes (2) but not (1).

WHATEVER you decide is best for you-is perfectly acceptable. If exposure to this risk isn't acceptable to you-THAT IS OK!
Don't feel guilty over that (some people do, not saying you would, just covering bases).

That said,
Yes it can be asymptomatic, you can also have either 1 or 2 show up on mouth, genitals, OR ANY WHERE ELSE ON YOUR BODY.
it's COMMON for people to NOT realize that is what it is.

I contracted 2 when I was 15. (so before I was sexually involved with Maca or GG).
We are all tested regularly.

They both test positive for 1 (both have had cold sores on their mouths periodically since childhood).

NEITHER of them test positive for 2. I have been fluid bonded with Maca for 15 years and with GG for... God I don't know.. the first time we had sex was 18 years ago I think...

Very robust, active sex life with Maca, more like.... 5-8 times a month with GG.

I also have never been on a daily regimen of the medication. I do take it the week prior to my period (because when I get a breakout-it tends to be same time as my period).

Painful... not necessarily. If you scratch, dig etc it can be. It becomes an open wound. (and it does itch, even before there is a sore). But-if you pay attention to your body, you notice the itching before there is ever a sore, take a pill a day or rub the cream on a couple times a day. It controls the itch and generally keeps it from every becoming a full blown sore.

If you want more info-you can always pm me. I dont know exactly what you might want to know. But I have been living with herpes for... well a long ass time.

I ABSOLUTELY support ANYONE who decides they don't want to risk it. TOTALLY unacceptable for someone to treat another person like they don't have that choice just because it's "common".

Drinking coffee is "normal" and "everyone does it". But I don't. I think it's nasty and disgusting and I don't drink it.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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