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Originally Posted by MsChristy View Post
You are using the terms STD and HSV 1& 2 interchangeably...
I don't believe I used the term STD at all.

edit, I did just at the end of the thread. I don't think all STDs are interchangeable.

but the only place you mentioned her having a lesion ever was on her face/lip area.
Right. She's never had a lesion anywhere else. The HSV 2 diagnosis came as a complete and unpleasant surprise.

If that is indeed the case, then yes, they should be careful of kissing and of her giving him oral without protection when she has an outbreak (especially if it is seeping), but otherwise sexual activity should not be an issue.
Well, I dunno. There can be asymptomatic shedding at any time, which can result in transmission. Taking antiviral meds and using a condom for oral or intercourse can reduce risk. Somewhere I read if the man wears a condom AND boxers during sex, to cover his balls and upper thighs, it can also help.

Ginger doesn't know yet if she has started taking daily antivirals.
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