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Originally Posted by MusicalRose View Post
I have had high-risk HPV since my freshman year of college.
When you say you have had it since college do you mean you continue to have signs of it, or simply that it was diagnosed then, as it's so normal for teenagers to get HPV and then clear it that many people are considering not even testing people that young for it (my wife studied HPV testing as part of getting her masters). The problem is when the body doesn't clear it, as is more common as people age. Getting high risk HPV at age 40 would be much more to be concerned about than at 18.

Even if you happen to still have it, for other people I'd simply take that to mean recommending they get the Gardasil vaccine. Though insurance only covers people up to age 26 there are places that will provide it to people of any age as long as they pay cash. If the person doesn't already have the strains of HPV Gardasil vaccinates against it will help, and if they already had them then you weren't a new risk to them anyhow.
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