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I have been shaved down under for many years. I am a pretty hairy guy and it took a few times before I became comfortable with the act of shaving but I find it simple and easy now. There must be some kind of neanderthal male reaction to having a razor blade close to "the boys" because I hear that "No Way" from a lot of guys but, for me anyways, it is really simple. My S/O prefers it, it is nice for clean up, yes the tree appears bigger when you clear out the shrubs but does size matter?? (ha ha,sorry couldn't resist). In my dating searching for a Poly life partner I have met women who expected it, some were surprised by it, one was completely turned on by it, but so far have never met a lady who was turned off by shaving down under.
Whisker burn is an issue for both genders so keeping shaved is important. For me personally I absolutely love being down under on a woman and could spend days "vacationing" there so being shaven means fewer hairs stuck where they cause problems. There is something so UNSEXY about "cat with a hair ball" sounds during sex. lol
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