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This weekend was a busy one for our loving little "v"!! Friday night Redpepper came over, as is almost the norm now, and then we went right into a Saturday consisting of two different parties with two different groups and attended by two different partnerships!!

First, Redpepper and me attended a party for friends of ours close to my home. They know her husband and our chosen family dynamic but are from the traditional mono "less than sex positive" environment I am used to and are friendships that me and her have built. We always have a good time with them and every now and then we get to raise a few eyebrows by mentioning her husband around people who don't know us as well.

Next we went to her place so she and her husband could go to a party primarily consisting of our poly friends, of which there are quite a few actually. I stayed with their son and spent the night. I love giving to them in this way as bringing them closer is a way for me to strengthen my connection with myself.

They had a great time and in the morning their son and me watched TV and hung out while they slept. He was very happy to have a "date morning" with me LOL!

We are learning how to balance our time better since we have lost a babysitting resource for a while but again this only proves we all want this

More good news is that Redpepper's husband's mom is going to baby-sit for us so we can all go to our monthly poly meeting!! She has been great in all this

And lastly, one more bit of happy news is Redpepper actually got to talk to my sister on the phone which was very cool! My sister asks about my chosen family's well being now and is concerned for the troubles with Redpepper's family. That is an external step forward that makes me grin from ear to ear!!

Take care, peace and love

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