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Thanks both of you for your replies.

GalaGirl, sorry if I was unclear. We didn't agree to the compromise of clubs/bars. I came up with it, she rejected it. But you're right about the soft limit, revisiting a compromise again in 3 months is something I should do.

Mohegan, my social circle are all married with kids. I live in the suburbs in Ontario, this isn't exactly San Francisco. Toronto is a short trip, and there's a great community there, but no one is going to accompany me on a polyamorous adventure to meet people, my wife included. I know I have to support my life partner, and I am doing it her way thus far. This just makes it difficult on my end, and I feel I'm lacking support from her, as she already has other partners.

I guess I know it has to be this way, but I don't like it.
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