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Thank you for your thoughts and comments.

I appreciate the honesty. I have a bit of trust issues and S knows this and had agreed to share with me.

Now, I must clarify - I do not expect him to share every single word or detail with me of his conversations with Sunshine, but I think it would be nice and respectful of him to share with me that they did talk today (depending on how busy he is at work, they may not talk every single day), and just a brief conversation on what they talked about today.

I feel left out when I hear nothing. I feel that there's something to hide - yes I realize this stems from my own insecurities, but it was a request S had made to me with our earlier poly relationship and at that time we both agreed to share with each other in the beginning so that neither is feeling left out or that there is anything being hidden.

I trust S with my life, don't get me wrong. He has always been honest with me and never given me reason to doubt him (although I have given him reasons earlier on in our marriage) ... but I am/have been feeling like an 'obligation' to him recently. I realize it's most likely due to the NRE that him & Sunshine are sharing, which is why I have not made mention of it to him.

This week Sunshine's in-laws are visiting from out of town, so my communication with her is very minimal - I can't speak for S's communication with her.

Going to read some info at "more than two" - thank you
Me (Angel): almost 40 yr old bi female - married to S: 44 yr old straight male & Sunshine: 40 yr old bi female who is our shared gf
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