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Default Would like advice from other married women


My husband and I are thinking about including another person in our relationship. I want my husband to be happy which is why I am seriously considering this. I don't really have any set ideas of what a poly relationship could be like which is why I am asking questions.

I kind of want to know why other women in the same circumstances as myself became polyamoros. Did they feel jealous at anything in particular and by how much. I would like to know if anyone regrets their decision to become poly.

I would like to know what really worked for other married women in a poly relationship. I would also like to know what big differences they have noticed between the monogamous marriage they had in the past and the poly relationships they have now.

I realise there are FAQ's with information about this, but I would prefer to hear from people and their own experiences, rather than read from a textbook.

I would be grateful for any responses. Please feel free to PM me if you would prefer not to share your response with the rest of the world.

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