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Last night I opened up to the closest and longest running family friends I have. This was difficult because they are also the closest family friends of my ex-wife and daughter. We actually take turns going to their house and their kids call me uncle and her Aunt.

I asked my ex if she would like to sit down and talk about what is happening in my life so she did not get blind sided by rumours. She said she was not interested but I still worry about disrespecting her. I still love her, just not in an intimate way and one day hope to have a friendship with her again.

My friends were very accepting and new something was up. I was honestly running out of things to talk about with them because so much of my life involves Redpepper and her family. I told them that me holding back was preventing me from having the depth of family connection I want to maintain with them. Part of that is them getting to know my new developing family. I also told them I felt dishonest in not telling them everything.They understood and are happy I opened up.

It feels great to be honest and open with them about the changes and adventure in my life. They know I love Redpepper in a spousal committed way and were refreshing non-judgemental. I have yet to talk to someone who hasn't simply wanted me to be happy and healthy. Don't underestimate those that love you

Take care
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