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Originally Posted by aussielover View Post
We are mostlyout... the majority of our mutual online friends know, some of my good friends here know as well as a few co-workers and my cousin and bmom (I was adopted and we're now very close). Everyone I have told has been very supportive. They can see the happiness on my face, and coming out of a relationship where I was unhappy for so many years, that seeing me this way is all they need to know. Of course they are also concerned, because as happy as they are for me, they are worried as I'm going to be joining a marriage and moving to the other side of the world.

My parents do not know at this stage. I DO intend to tell them once we have been living it for a while so that I can prove to them that it does work and I am completely happy. From what we've talked about, we're going to be fairly out. The kids will know age appropriate information and screw what anyone else thinks.

For me, I don't think I COULD hide it. Especially if someone asks me directly. I wouldn't actually. I love them so completely.
Now while I was there there were other dynamics happening, so the three of us were not out alone, there was my ex and the kids (who at this point do not know, but will before I come home). But while we were out alone together we would hold hands or have an arm around each other. They very well could have run into people they knew while we were out who first, would not have recognized me, and second, would have seen them both with another woman (hehe).
So, right now, we're most of the way out... I'd say two polys out of the closet lol (is it a closet for polys too? I'm still new to this)
This. Again. Clever Girl.

We will be out. Family will be hardest I think but Im not worried at all. Our Lives. We have to live it and Screw everyone else. I know that Our kids will be very open to AussieLover. They adore her. And we feel they are young/old enough to grasp the concept without too many issue.
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