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Thank you for this post. I read it! You conveyed my thoughts and feelings almost perfectly. I am feeling and wondering the same things. I talk about this with a new friend of mine and we both agree that polyamory is both natural and seems right to us. I have always loved more than one person but I assumed that it was because I was a born cheater like my parents and grandparents. That is very negative, I know... but I have grown up now and have been thinking and experiencing a lot these past years. I have always questioned monogamy. It seems restricting and broken. I wonder if its even in human nature to be with only one person or that is just what the church, society and the corporations want. I feel in my heart that being with more than one person is right.

Unfortunately (or fortunately...depending on how you look at it) I am so deeply in love with someone who is so amazing. He is completely and 100% monogamous. He, like your partner, would be devastated if I even brought these feelings up to him. I broke up with him 6 month ago because I had been feeling this way (and told him not such a direct way).. but he fought so hard to have me back and I put my feelings of not wanting to be with one person on the back burner. I have been "faithful" since this break up.. but I hate that word... and I love and want to be with another person who I have already met and fell and at the same time I want to be with the person I have been with already for sooooo many years. I want to be honest with myself and who I am...and with my partner(s).

Its a hard decision... I know... is the strong love for one person worth loosing the possible loves of many more? Or what if I throw this away and find out I can not share my partner but only want to be shared.

I don't know.
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