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Originally Posted by sage View Post
I thought putting three years under my belt and working really hard at it I'd have it sorted but it seems to be something that may always be there between us.
Yup. I hear ya, sometimes its almost too much for me and I get so angry and resentful. Then I remind myself of what I DO have and talk myself down from the ledge. I'm doing awesome right now. The lack of drama and work in my life is minimal. I needed the rest
Originally Posted by sage View Post
As far as this young generation being into poly - I haven't seen much evidence of it. They often have lots of friendships and multiple date but when it comes to serious relationships monogamy still seems to be the deal.
Well there is a large contingent that I see and know of that are trying it ALL on. Who knows where it will go. This is where I believe. That there is a poly lifestyle and a poly identity. The latter makes me think that the default will be monogamy. *shrug* who knows where the OP will end up or what's going on. Not enough info and we likely will never know.
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