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"He wants me to have a GF instead of a BF and I would love to have a GF but there has not been one in a while...but his idea of a GF for me is one or him too! COME ON! REALLY? silly man...maybe they don't want to play with you or maybe I don't want to share! LOL
its not that easy...hey I really like you would you be my GF oh BTW I have a hubby can I take you home to play with him too! GEEZ!"

You might be lucky and find a nice unicorn who wants to be in a relationship with both of you. Again it's a monogamous thing about not wanting to be left out of something that is so important to you. You already have a bf and I can see that your husband would feel threatened by another relationship that doesn't include him.

@RP Apart from having the flu I'm not actually hurting. I guess I'm just tired and a bit disillusioned. I thought putting three years under my belt and working really hard at it I'd have it sorted but it seems to be something that may always be there between us. As far as this young generation being into poly - I haven't seen much evidence of it. They often have lots of friendships and multiple date but when it comes to serious relationships monogamy still seems to be the deal.

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