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Default The end of June has arrived

We are on the eve of July. The proposed start of a new phase, somewhat more open relationship with 2Rings. Kat seems to be doing well with it. She will have to comment for sure. But she has been very cooperative with me as far as scheduling etc and I think I have been as well, and we had a good time last week at my kids' party. They both got to meet my entire family. Well the closer ones to me anyway. Hoping that they finally get their own date-nite or couple weekend soon, and I can babysit for them. I think they are going to do something this weekend for a bit and have the older daughter watch the younger son.

Last night was the anniversary of me starting this polyamorous life. Spent the day with some of my best gf's. Got to work a bit late, and met up with 2Rings after work. All in all a very happy day for me. Lots of laughs with my friends, planning an outing(maybe a baseball game) and our college Alumni weekend for October. Work was work, no excitement there. Time with 2Rings...awesome but I can't get the gorilla with the iceberg lettuce out of my head! LOL!

Sunny day today. Going for a long walk with youngest daughter and the dog in a few. I am going to see some friends tomorrow night since plans changed with KT and 2Rings, so we (me and my bff) will grill some steaks and drink some wine and enjoy the lovely evening, maybe some 4th fireworks will come early. Enjoy your weekend peeps. Happy poly practicing!
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