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I would like advise on a particular subject. The 6 1/2 year old is full of questions. She knows I go over to sextoys house. Sometimes my partner and the kids will come over to pick me up. when she came over last she nosed around and found an extra pillow of mine on his bed. She just is nosy and curious. I tell her that I am helping garden, take care of animals, ect, ect. She was sure pestering Sextoy about were I slept last time. He did tell the truth and quickly moved her to another topic, nonchalantly. I don't want her saying something to our other friends or worse our parents. Even a simple momma spent the night at Sextoys (obviously not using real name here) to help with such and such. Family is my worry, you can't chose them. I love to be honest but she is 6 1/2
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