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Entirely personal musing follows:

1) People are not interchangeable. Neither are relationships. The love I feel for my friend or mother is different from the love I feel for my partner. The love I feel for one partner is again different from the love I feel for another.

2) Because people and relationships are unique, there are no guarantees that everyone will want everyone in the same way and at the same time for the rest of their lives. However, I think that the fact your wife wants to discuss and embark on this journey together with you speaks volumes for her continuing desire to be with you.

3) Continuing to deny a major part of your self and desires is a sure route to unhappiness.

You also expressed insecurity about the fact that although one year ago, your wife said she is not interested in polyamory, she has now seemingly changed her mind. It might be that your friends coming out started out a process of reflection and re-evaluation for your wife that has lead to this point; it might also be that while she felt intrigued and that something in the poly lifestyle 'clicked' within her, she did not want to burden you with unnecessary complications while you were going through your rough patch. It might be that now is the first time she feels you are truly able to handle this type of discussion openers.
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