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Ladyintricate, this isn't directed at you so much as you got me thinking on this topic...

So there's this demotivational poster with a picture of a booth-babe/cosplayer/hot chick. The poster is labeled "HOPE" and under that it says "Because she just might want to hear about your 12th level paladin."

The vast majority of people don't want to hear about Helena von Helen, paladin of St. Cuthbert (3.5 D&D, played from level 1 to 30, no prestige classes, only one feat outside the PHB in a campaign with all Completes (CoAd, CoAr, CoD, CoW) open, facing MMI-IV in the hands of a particularly vicious (in a good way) DM... Helena's build was so elegant, she was a weapon of mass destruction with her MW darkwood lance (non-magical) that the Cleric would cast the spells Spike and Bramble on... I enjoyed the look of horror and admiration on the DM's face whenever I made something explode because I was a living missile on griffon-back...).

My griffon's name was Linda. Her first paladin warhorse was named Linda and, as she upgraded mounts, she just kept naming them Linda.

I'm sure many of you recognize that sort of language. Gamer Syndrome. If you understood all that (okay, you might have to look up the spells), then you either are or are very close to a hardcore tabletop gamer. LARPs count too, I do both. I have a character in OWbN.

I got married at GenCon. In costume, as was the entire wedding party.

I am such a gamer geek. I have been running games for 30 years, since I was 12. Mostly a GM, I've been getting more into being a player in the last decade.

I will try not to talk like this in the future, but I thought a demonstration of just how big a gamer geek I am was in order as it is a huge part of my life. My gaming group is like an extended family.

It's like we gamers have a secret language, and sometimes we get so swept up in it... there's something close and intimate about gamer talk... it's almost like chimpanzee grooming behavior. It's soothing and we bond over it.

But I'm going to try not to do it here.

I am such a hardcore gamer that it is difficult for me to understand how it is possible to not "get" gaming. I am pretty sure that your brains are wired differently than mine.

It's okay, I like you anyhow. In recent years I have resolved to become better at communicating with non-gamers, as many of you are cool and interesting people. I recognize that in order to avoid making your eyes glaze over and your attention wander off, I have to try to not to geek out too hard in front of you.

Ladyintricate and I should probably have a conversation via PM as I bet we have much in common.

@Sneacail, you should go for it with costuming. It's so much fun and there's just something so joyfully life-affirming about adorning yourself lavishly and elaborately and taking part in public spectacle.

@TruckerPete, I don't know, but girls sure are pretty!
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