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I love playing dress-up. Unfortunately, I want to enjoy the freedom of anonymity here so I can speak without filtering, so I don't want to post pictures... except I love my costuming stuff and most of my Facebook pictures are me wearing something ridiculous.

I own several corsets and bodices and wear a five tier hoop skirt to events that warrant that, particularly the local Ren Festival. I have two leather steampunk waistcoats and a wide variety of interesting skirts, including a ruffled black Lolita Goth skirt which is pretty short. I wear it with layered black petticoats underneath for maximum puff.

I have to wear Can-Can shorts (pettipants) under that as it is quite short. I match that up with industrial fishnets with garters, black combat boots with flame detailing, a black leather underbust corset with a black tank top (athletic style) revealing stunning cleavage (I know it is stunning, I've taken an informal poll), plus full length black satin gloves and a lace choker with a cameo.

That's one of my regular costumes for a LARP character.

I love playing dress up. I will probably describe more costumes here over time as I love talking about this stuff. I am proud of my little collection of costumey things.
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