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Originally Posted by Penny View Post
Me and my guys are going to a costumed Steampunk event at a bar tomorrow night. Thumper's brother will be there, so at least one of his family will know about the boyfriend. I might consider avoiding the PDAs at the waterpark, but hell no am I going out drinking and dancing in a sexy Steampunk adventuress outfit (I got a corset, goggles, and a ray gun!) and pretending not to be involved with T-Rex.
Good for you Penny! That sounds super hot (HAWT)! I have loved reading your blog. Just found it today and it is so nice to read a happy poly story!

It is also amazing to read that hubby and I are not the only nerds around the forums! We play tabletop RPG’s (hubby is an amazing and very creative DM), and love steampunk and anime. Do you like to dress up for ren faire's also? I have a sexy frilly short skirt and leather corset I have been waiting to wear till I loose some weight. Sounds like you have already accomplished that and are looking fabulous! Feel free to nerd/girl out with me anytime by sending me a PM.

Hope you have fun tonight and I am sure you will make your guys drool in that awesome outfit!
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