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Me and my guys are going to a costumed Steampunk event at a bar tomorrow night. Thumper's brother will be there, so at least one of his family will know about the boyfriend. I might consider avoiding the PDAs at the waterpark, but hell no am I going out drinking and dancing in a sexy Steampunk adventuress outfit (I got a corset, goggles, and a ray gun!) and pretending not to be involved with T-Rex.

We are going to have so much fun. I plan on making a bit too merry that night. At the waterpark in April I will be wearing the first bathing suit I'll be buying after losing 35 pounds this past year, so I'll be very strict and good about going to the gym and treating my body reasonably... starting Sunday. I consider tomorrow a last blow-out before really knuckling down.

My body builds muscle at a ridiculous rate. After a weekend of self-indulgence, I intend to spend the next three weeks busting my ass lifting weights for maximum hotness in a bikini.
Hinge of a V relationship with my husband (Thumper) and boyfriend (T-Rex). Also, mother of a 6 y/o girl by my husband.

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