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So I think that I wasn't very clear in my first post..sorry.

The only people who know are those who we felt for one reason or another needed to know. Mostly for those who we didn't want thinking something shady was going on. I know the way that people in my family and circle of friends will handle it for the most part because this is how I grew up so the family and friends who accepted it then, will probably feel the same way now and those who took issue will be the ones to take issue as well.

I asked this to find out for the future more then anything else. Again the people who know are people who had to know because of the situation. We aren't shouting from rooftops and don't plan to. However I am a planner and since I know that that day will come, I was wondering if anyone had some good advice in that area. We have reached a point in our situation where we are all comfortable, where Lobster feels good about almost everything and HE wants to start really working on the 3 of us as a group. I just happen to be the type of person who when for instance finds out we are moving. I research and make lists and create a color coded binder of resources. It might seem that we are "jumping the gun" but really I just want to be prepared.
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