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Default advice for a newbie?

Hey, so looking around at other peoples experiences, I seem to be in a less common situation. I realized looking back on my past relationships that my problem has generally been that whoever the one person was, there was always some part of me that felt unfulfilled, and that part changed with each relationship. I don't know where to attribute this to in myself, I know I'm a complex person, so I always used to figure that I needed to find someone as complex (and somehow miraculously complex in the same ways) as me, yea right.

So now I'm wanting to give polyamory a try, see if I can perhaps not worry about finding ONE person to feel fulfilled with, maybe find a few (I can't see myself being with more than three honestly) who can fulfill all those needs? But I'm not really sure how to go about this from being single, most other people here look like they're figuring this out from being in a mono relationship and moving from there to poly. Anyone else moved from single to poly around here? any advice for starting out? (apart from the obvious 'be honest')
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