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I'm just glad the miscommunication has been resolved. I really thought it was completely obvious based on my recent uncharacteristic behaviour and freakoutism in-real-life that there was a problem, but whenever I tried to bring it up, she ignored me, or got mad at me. But she's been displaying highly avoidant behaviour lately, because that's how she deals with problems; withdrawal.

And thanks. That's actually my main priority in finding a mate. She must LOVE science fiction. I hit a winner, here. She's more knowledgeable about my fandoms than I am. And she considers herself a casual fan. Makes me look bad. :P

But the first thing I ever really said to her was "Do you like Star Wars?"

When she replied with "Yeah, who doesn't?" I knew I had to ask her out at the end of that class period.

We spent that Saturday at a local forest preserve (Waterfall Glen at Argonne National Lab), and the following day around Chinatown, and then back to her place.

I could never actually leave this relationship, no matter what it might put me through sometimes. I love it too much. There is too much to lose.

I've found my soul-mate. Even though she may be capable of having other soul-mates besides me, at least I get to be one of them.

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