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Originally Posted by geminigirl View Post
Sex for me is a language, and an energy, and each person I am sexual with has their own sexual "fingerprint". It is this unique expression that is meaningful for me, not any particular act or expression. The way one partner performs oral is vastly different in energy, intent and skill than another. The shape of someone's body (or their gender) lends expression to how they touch and move with a partner. A lover's age and experience level make them special at a particular place and time. Above all, sex is, for me, a way of exchanging love in a very pure form -- one that doesn't necessarily need a longterm commitment (though it does require trust) and one that should leave each person feeling nourished, cherished and full of joy.
I think this quote sums up our opinions up about as well as could be done. Very nice GeminiGirl !

One thing I might add to this - although it still follows all of the same parameters as above regards multi-partner sex.
We found that there certain options that multiple people can bring that are just impossible with two and some of those are things we both enjoy. VERY much. (ok - let your imaginations wander).

And we've (figured out?) how this proceeds without falling short of that "love in a pure form" concept. Just more love in more forms.

For us - we feel 3 seems to be an optimal number. More seems to become either sensory (physical/emotional) overload or makes it hard to focus on a natural flow. But maybe we're just not skilled enough yet LOL.
Have had 4 work as well but requires VERY special and connected people. Not common.

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