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Originally Posted by Rix View Post
Thank you, everyone! I just wanted to see if this was a common enough thing. I really have no issues with it and he was only slightly upset because his body is not doing what he wants it to do when he wants. Our solution? Just have all three of us together as much as we're comfortable with. Simple, effective, and fun for all of us!
Wait, so you're saying he doesn't get hard? I originally took "excited" to mean "interested" or "enthusiastic". You were using "excited" as a euphemism for getting an erection.

If he is actually INTERESTED and ENTHUSIASTIC (mentally) and WANTS to please you when it's just the two of you, why not just quit focusing on the almighty penis? There are plenty of other body parts you can do penetration with (well, 2 hands, 2 feet, 10 fingers...), if that's something you need in order to feel satisfied that you'd "had sex". You can also use toys, you can masturbate yourself to orgasm while he watches, you can do ANYTHING YOU WANT - it's YOUR sex.

It makes me really sad when people, men and women, equate "having sex" with erect penises. If you are thinking that, please try to use this as a learning experience to try new things you might be missing out on.

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