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Lots of good stuff to think about in this thread. Thanks to BlackUnicorn and GroundedSpirit for their explorations into the up side of unicornity.

So, let's say, just for argument's sake, that there's a newly formed triad consisting of a long-term, historically mono married couple and a bi woman. Let's say that, at least at the moment, they all feel an equally strong emotional bond with each other. And let's say that all three of them sincerely want to make this work as a long-term relationship. What advice would you experienced poly folks have for -- well, for any of them, but particularly for the married couple? What adjustments in their own relationship should they expect to have to make? What can they do to make this an easier transition for the single woman? What are all those things that relationships like this fall apart because the married couple doesn't do?

This isn't a theoretical question, in case that wasn't obvious. I'm the guy in the married couple. We never thought we'd be doing this, we weren't out looking for a polyamorous relationship and never even considered one, but then we met this woman who we both find that we want to be around all the time, and she seems to want that too. We're all kind of terrified, and we have no idea what the hell we've gotten ourselves into here, but we've decided to take some time to explore whether it could work. So the floor is open: what should we, the long-term married ones, do to improve the chances?

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