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Kevin: I agree, and really I don't think that it would become an issue because my wife takes our commitment to each other very seriously and I really doubt that she would seek out comfort from a significant other if she thought that it would hurt me. She is concerned though because although we do not argue often and usually our arguments are resolved very quickly, there have been times where one or the other has left for a drive just to put some space between us to clear our heads. Never have either of us been gone or more than a few hours.

Her concern is that when she has left in the past she has "felt" that if she had someplace to go that she would probably would have gone to have a shoulder to cry on. (We have tended to move frequently during our marriage and have not had family and close friends nearby to go to so it hasn't been something that happens.) She believes that if it happened that she would be going just to be comforted but she is fearful that if she has a relationship with the person that it could become sexual and that I would feel hurt and betrayed. She is normally extremely level headed, so I would be surprised if this happened but people can make bad decisions when they are angry.

I will add that I am a very forgiving person and if it did happen and I did feel hurt and betrayed, there is no doubt that I would forgive her (I am not even sure if I would have anything to "forgive" her for, or if feeling that way would even be justified). I am trying to grow as a person and to let go off all feelings of possessiveness and jealousy. My wife and I love each other very much and very much communicate openly with each other about our feelings and needs.

Thanks for your response. I look forward to more of your thoughts when my thread becomes visible
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