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Such problems you have... Although, you should definitely make a graph. Even I have trouble following despite the fact that I have a grasp of the people you're talking about.

Originally Posted by Mya View Post
Edited to add: Gemma left the meetup to catch a train anyway, so it's not like she and Evan would've ended up doing anything that night even without me. Just wanted to clear that up, I didn't actually steal her date.
It's so easy to hang out with poly people, it makes the whole concept of "stealing somebody's date" kind of absurd.


I'm really enjoying the whole compersion thing at the moment. It makes me smile to see Mya so happy about all she's got going on. Plus, it seems the people involved are all really cool. It looks like I'll be getting a chance to meet Gemma in a week and Evan a bit later. I'm looking forward to it.
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