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The holiday was amazing. We got some time to really reconnect, relax and just talk, talk and talk some more. It was actually a really good timing as well, now that I have this disease called NRE. I was happy to spend a few days in a row with rory and concentrate on her and our connection. I think we're doing really well at the moment and our relationship just keeps getting better.

Evan is quite new to poly and he is dating a lot right now. He seems pretty excited about all these new people (well, me included), which I'm happy about. I'm just sometimes a little bit worried if he actually has space in his life for me, but at the moment it looks like he is really trying to fit me in. We'll see how it works out in the long run. I really hope it does and I do believe that he wants me in his life. It's just the practicalities of the situation.. Then again, I do have things in my life as well and am fairly busy these days. I hope we find enough time for each other.

I got some bad news yesterday morning and it was lovely to see how both my partners were able to spend some time with me yesterday and today even though they're both busy. Yesterday I saw Evan for a little bit in the afternoon and rory came to my place after her work and spent the night. Today I had lunch with rory and Evan came to my place for a while before his date this evening. I find those moments really precious, it makes me feel like my partners actually make an effort to be with me when they can when I'm having a hard time. I really appreciate it. I'm also happy that I'm living in a place that is actually quite convenient for everybody, it's not too far from either rory's or Evan's or their universities/workplaces.
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