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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post

Heh, I should know, I'm in an MFM situation. Also it's ironic that cheating is generally treated with less recoil than polyamory. It's gonna take awhile for people to wrap their minds around this thing.

Kevin T.
I know, right? I mean, they still look down on the cheater... but they sympathize with the wife/husband being cheated on.

But when they find out that you're actually "allowing" your spouse be with another person??!? "How can you let him do that! He's abusing you! He's manipulating you! He's using you!" ... "Actually, no he isn't. No more than I'm abusing, manipulating, and using him."

I think it's also more socially acceptable for men to cheat than women. Men are considered as just being unable to help themselves. People like to think of women and prim and proper and unable to do any wrong, so it really rocks the boat when a woman cheats on her husband.
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