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That's a loaded question for me. lol... I don't claim a 'from' since the first 12 years of my life are a blur and I'm an adopted child. However, I was born in Texas and raised between New York, Germany, and California until my mom decided to settle back in Texas. I attended high school in San Antonio, TX and, once I became an adult, started working my way out of Texas. Thereafter, I lived in New York, Florida, Georgia, and now in Colorado. My goal has always been to move back out of the United States but we never know where the Universe will take us, eh?

On this site, I seek connectivity with like-minded people. I seek to share ponderings and conversations with people who can actually say they have thought about the same things or experienced the same things. I seek a variety of viewpoints on this relationship style to enhance my openness and thought processes as I journey through my own. I seek to offer ideas to people searching for remedies and/or other considerations in their own circumstances. I seek growth and success in this area of my life.
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