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Originally Posted by Mohegan View Post
I struggled a little today. I gotonto facebook and thought it was my page and realised while reading e-mails it was his. He had sent a message to his girlfriend telling her that her new pictures take his breath away. He doesn't ever say things like that to me. I had a moment of wondering why, I started to get scared again that maybe all this is a facade and he is using me for a place to live ( everything is in my name or my parents, if I divorce him, there isn't much he'll get as most was bought before we got married). I talked myself out of my mini freak out. There are a number of reasons why he doesn't say things like that to me. The biggest being he never has, which I assume means he doesn't think I need to hear it.
No matter how well you are doing it is always hard to find those things that he writes to his girlfriend. It doesn't take away from what he feels for you. It is just hard to see what he feels for another woman or significant other. But how you handle it from there is important. I know it was never easy for me whenever I would come across texts or conversations between DH and J. But then I would remind myself or I would tell him I read this or that so that he could remind me if I needed it that his love for me is still as strong and what he did with her never took away from that. And this always made me feel better and I would be good as new again. It is just apart of getting through those beginning stages.
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