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I am on that site as well.

Plenty of 'monogamous' men/women claiming they can`t deal with the poly lifestyle, but still saying they find us 'interesting' and wanting to go out.

It all boils down to sex. Many of them equate poly with being a swinger. Even if you give them literature, and correct them. In their eyes, you are outside the norm, and kinky, and saying it`s more relationship oriented, only makes us sound to them, like we protest to much.

..and while eventually, they want/desire Mrs.Right, they are not oppose to Mrs.Right-Now.

In fact, I have even heard a few state, that they worry less about sexual disease, with someone who identifies as Poly. Making the chase more intriguing, not less.

To each their own, I guess. I rid myself of those types quickly, and kindly. One can only educate those who truly wish to receive it.
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