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Default Attracting monogamists

I'm sensing a phenomenon lately, and I wondered if this had happened to anyone else.

About a week ago, I finally got around to changing my relationship status on all my various networking sites. On my OkCupid account, I added a short disclaimer about my views on poly and my place in a poly relationship.

Since then I've been bombarded with messages, especially from guys who ask me about being poly, and mention that they're mono and definitely could never do the poly thing. One guy even had a line in his profile about how he was "completely monogamous." I talk to them, explain to them why I'm poly, let them know that I'm happy where I am. I encourage questions. I don't intend to "convert" anyone to poly--I really don't care that much. They don't seem to want to convert anyway.

But despite all this, I've been asked out on dates by several of these guys, and find myself being pursued in a way that doesn't seem completely platonic.

Do these people think they can turn me mono again? That I'll like them so much that I forget how much I love my boyfriend and care about the girl I'm courting? I can't believe they actually would...

Anyone else have this happen to them? I just find it strange.
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